Badminton for me?

I am not cut out to play badminton. I tried a session or two, and for the death of me, I could not see the shuttle cock until it hits my face. Lol! I used to think that it was because of my high myopia, and avoided badminton forever.

Well not really. :p

I finally took up badminton in November 2015. Yes, me – the one who could not see the shuttle cock, the one who had a knee operation due to an accident and suffered knee pain for a long time before and after the surgery, and the one who could not walk for long if I don a pair of flat shoes/sandals. To be honest, I was pushed into badminton by a concerned family member as I was badly in need of some exercise to stay healthy. :p

I had tried to go back to swimming as I used to be a long-distance swimmer but the heat from the sun and the cold from the water made me stay away. I tried brisk walking, jogging, yoga, Pilates, working out in a gym, and even dancing. I met with a host of  physical problems, and I had no staying power as some of the activities were just too boring.

In comes badminton. Yes, I was still terrified of the shuttle cock, especially when my opponent smashed into my court! But I was determined to pick up the sport. I refused to let the knee pain, and the shocks from the smashes deter me. I massaged away the pain. I persevered. I learned the ropes, the swings, the smashes, etc. It became enjoyable. I  became addicted. I never thought that I would love any sporting activity, other than swimming, and definitely not something that would replaced dancing.

Lo and behold, I now look forward eagerly to my daily dose of badminton. 🙂

Ciao for now!


Author: MuseFaery

Three words that best describe me - Passionate, Pensive, Perspicuous. Passion drives my pursuits Pensiveness allows me to reflect Probity is my guide principle

2 thoughts on “Badminton for me?”

  1. I’m a little bit jealous. I feel like I would put the “bad” in badminton. All I can see when I picture it is being hit in every direction as I swing wildly in a sad mixture of (failed) self defense and fear. Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! You just painted my mental agony whenever I stepped into the badminton court in the beginning!
      With trepidation I venture,
      With satisfaction, I conquer. 🙂


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