Diverse is a rich word!

Diverse is a rich word
It calls to mind the multitude of cultures and traditions that I am exposed to in my travels. The Naked Men Festival, Festival of the Steel Phallus, the Fire Festival, and many more. No, these are not pornographically motivated but are religious festivals revered by the Japanese. :p

In the West, some may find it perfectly normal to consume sheep’s testicles, and for the Tokyoites to eat the mammary glands (breasts) of pigs. Does this sound gross? May be, but  these diverse foods are actually much sought after delicacies, like the French foie gras. :p

I have to say that the diversity of experiences in my travels is indeed an antidote for any preconceived prejudices that I may have, and it serves to strengthen my preference to keep an open mind. A mind that acts like a sponge absorbing the variegated experiences, allowing me to look and  adopt new ways of doing things. The bonus for me is  having a nimble mind, a mind that stays youthful. 🙂

According to Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.”

Do I want to sit on my side of the fence and pass judgement? Do I want to be a bigot? Be narrow-minded? A definite  NO as I will be sentencing myself mentally to a small cell, watching my mind rot away day by day. :p

Ciao for now!

Author: MuseFaery

Three words that best describe me - Passionate, Pensive, Perspicuous. Passion drives my pursuits Pensiveness allows me to reflect Probity is my guide principle

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