Hot water field

Kusatsu Onsen
Address : Japan, 〒377-1711 Gunma-ken, Agatsuma-gun, Kusatsu-machi, Kusatsu

“Yubatake” (aka hot water field) is quite unlike any hot springs that we have been to. It sits in the centre of the Kusatsu town whe 70re plentiful of spring water gushes from a rock and flows through rows of wooden boxes and cascades in an emerald coloured pool.

“Yumomi” is the traditional process of stirring the hot bath at the Netsu no yu with the accompaniment of local folk songs. The water at more than 65 degrees Celsius is too hot to bathe in. Hence, the hotspring water is stirred with 1.8 metre long wooden planks to cool it to about 48 degrees Celsius.

Simply beautiful!


Author: MuseFaery

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