The secluded onsen

Nasu Onsen
KITA ONSEN 北温泉旅館 (konyoku)
Entrance fee : ¥700 (day trippers)
Accommodation: ¥7500 and up, halfboard
Bathing time: 24 hours for Oyogiyu, and the other baths from 8:30 to 17:30 hours
Phone : 0287-76-2008
Address : 栃木県那須郡那須町湯本151
Yumoto 151, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi-ken 325-0301, Japan
Tel: (81) (0)287 76 2008 (click on Our history for juicy stories!)

With bated breadth and in the rain, we walked 400 metres down a slope to the secluded onsen well known for its Sennin-buro sized konyoku rotenburo. We were not disappointed.

The hotspring was discovered more than 1200 years ago, during the Edo period, and is located at the foot of Mt Asahidake.  There are altogether 10 baths categorised as follows:

  • Oyogiyu, an iconic Konyoku outdoor bath you can swim in
  • Tengu no-yu is named after Tengu, a red face mythical creature with a long Pinocchio-like nose. Favoured by the locals for its famed therapeutic cures
  • Me no-yu famed in the past for curing eye diseases. It is now a female bath
  • Kawara no-yu, the two segregated river baths
  • Ai no-yu, the hot water of love, is an out-house bath away from the main building

My favourite bath has to be Oyogiyu. It is huge and it is outdoor, in the embrace of nature. The spring water is 100% natural and direct from the voluminous source.  Adjacent to Oyogiyu, is Ai no-yu, my favourite indoor bath.  With its quaint wood and stone structure, it is rustic,  it is atmospheric, and it is truly a love shack. We had a fun time moving from one to the other. 🙂 

Shrouded in mist on a wet afternoon in Spring, we had the whole onsen to ourselves. It was heavenly as the mist provided me with a natural camouflage, and gave the Onsen a mystical air for a quiet romantic soak.

Definitely worth a revisit to enjoy the hot springs from dawn to dusk. :p

Ciao for now!

onsen = hot spring
kon’yoku= mixed bath
rotenburo = open air / outdoor bath
sennin-buro = one thousand people bath
oyogi = swimming
tengu = a red face mythical character with a Pinocchio-like nose
me = eye
kawara = river
ai = love
no-yu = hot water

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