Purpose in life

I used to think that my purpose in life was to get a degree to make my parents happy. It was stressful I agree, but I didn’t want to disappoint in any degree.

No I am not the first born, I am but the middle child and that purpose drove me on. Then comes the convocation.

Realised, I did, that a happy convocation was not the end all. It was the beginning of my real purpose, in life. Getting a job to have the monies,  to help my mum see my siblings through college. That was my mum’s purpose in life and I have to support it. I plodded on.

I found a job, and happily told mum  that I would give her half my salary. I was smiling, I was grinning. The feeling was great. I caught the glint in mum’s eye, it made me happy.

Fast forward, I learned that the printed number in the employment letter is different from the actual number on my pay cheque! 😃 Oops! An overcommitment it was but remembering mum’s happiness, I  stood by my purpose. I plodded on.

The monies were given without a break, without judgement, without  restriction on its use. I reasoned then that it is like mum’s stipend, to do as she pleased, releasing me from the checks and balances, and unnecessary stresses due to my dictates.

The regularity was of utmost importance. I asked myself, “What if there was no money coming in? Where would mum find her next bread so to speak?” That made me resolute in my purpose; gave me the staying power.  I plodded on. No breaks in between jobs. No excuses. I was fully committed to my purpose in life.

Yes, like many others in this world, there were times I wanted to give up, there were times I wanted to close the door to the world, and there were times I prayed that it was the end of the world.  But that would shatter my purpose in life. Resilient I have to be, springing back to face the world. Getting stronger, albeit in little steps, at times. What does it matter?

Small am I, small steps it will be. It called to mind at times, in my whimsical mind, the fight of David and Goliath. 😉 I can do it, I must do it, this purpose  in life. Idealistic I may be, but vision I must have to keep my purpose happy.

Steadfast in my purpose, passion grew. In a job that was not my first love, but one I can do well. In another job that was also not my love, and I can still excel. A blessing indeed, a blessing of commitment that fueled my passion.

Then comes the new family. Purpose derailed? Passion extinguished? A resounding, No! Adjustments need to be made, with sacrifices a plenty. Will I suffer?  Will I be shortchanged? What does it matter? Unfettered by the lure of the media, I can only be better.

Thank you mum for my purpose in life.   For the blessings of passion, the blessings of resilience, and the blessings of compassion. I am still learning, I am still growing and I will never forget your help  with my purpose in life.


Author: MuseFaery

Three words that best describe me - Passionate, Pensive, Perspicuous. Passion drives my pursuits Pensiveness allows me to reflect Probity is my guide principle

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