Playfulness at play

Playful with bountiful energy, with  sprightliness of a limber self. Running here, running there. Playing hide and seek, seek and hide, over and over again without respite. Oh what fun, oh what joy is playfulness unbound. Doing whatever to release the clown.

Playful should we remain, unfettered by the shackles of concerns. What will they think? Who will say what? Not caring a twit about impressions. Doing whatever out of sheer, sheer joy.

Thrive we did in the playfulness. Looking at the world with wonder, with curiosity. Come hither let me try, let me ponder at what life has to offer. No pride, no boundaries. Color blind am I, and color blind I should be. Doing whatever in embrace of life’s diversity.

That my friend is the playfulness that seemed forgotten. The playfulness that helps us approach life with exuberance, with enthusiasm. Doing whatever without judgements.

Why not embrace playfulness, embrace the youthfulness that comes with it. Resilience we need,  acceptance we need not. Wonder we need, judgement we need not.  Happiness we need, Joneses we need not. Simplicity we need, lures of consumerism we need not.

Why not keep the playfulness uncheck? Developing a healthy body that is spritely and fit. Cultivating  illogical frivolity, free from decorum. Unleashing  curiosity, discovering the wonders of the world, new ways of doing and looking at things. An open mind we keep, receptive to change.

Yesterday was a computer,  today a mobile phone, and tomorrow, Who cares for the morrow? The child in us cares not, living for today, enjoying the moments. Let us bring forth the playfulness, the child in all of us. Let us not entrap it, seeing it withered and rot.  Doing whatever to keep playfulness at play.

Author: MuseFaery

Three words that best describe me - Passionate, Pensive, Perspicuous. Passion drives my pursuits Pensiveness allows me to reflect Probity is my guide principle

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