Embracing diversity

Diversity is like the colours of a rainbow
The shapes and sizes of the world
The pronouns, the labels in the languages used.

There is the time when we are born
Natural it is in embracing nature
With diversity as the key
Not bigotry, not xenophobia
Just simply at one with nature.

Against diversity was a nonentity
Definitely not used for or against
Simply grateful for life’s blessings
For the food on the table
For the safety of our family.

Against diversity was a nonentity
Definitely not bandied around
As if, it is all that matters
Insignificant it was in a simple world
Where we live and let live.

Who are we to go against diversity?
When it is nature’s way of biodiversity.
Evolving through time, with snapshots of what and who we are.
Snapshots that are ever-changing.

A pallette of colours
The shades and hues
A gamut of sizes
The measures of life.

Pull them apart, put in silos
Like stealing the thunder

From mother nature.

Author: MuseFaery

Three words that best describe me - Passionate, Pensive, Perspicuous. Passion drives my pursuits Pensiveness allows me to reflect Probity is my guide principle

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