It is okay to be ignorant as we are not born equal, be it intellectually or emotionally. Our status in life may also differ but what does it matter?

Rare are those who can say that they have no fears. Rare are those who can say that they are know-all. Rare are those who say they have it all. Truly, I don’t even think that such persons exist at all :p

There is no need to hide one’s ignorance. Even if one is hiding for fear of being ridiculed. If ridiculed, remember the problem is not ours. It is the problem of the other. The one who ridiculed us. The one who is in dire need to correct his or her obnoxious behaviour.

If ignorance is due to a lack of intellect, we are not alone. There are plenty of resources out there; waiting to be shared, waiting to be used. Know also that there are  people out there who are kind, who are willing to lend us a hand.

Empathise with those who ridicule us as wretchedness is their persona.  Surround ourselves with those who care, those who are kind, those who embrace humanity. For they are the worthy ones who want to make the world better, to make us better.

And that is all that matters.



In life, it is so easy to put another down. It is so easy to laugh at the expense of others. But have we considered that it is time wasted?

Time that you and I can better spend to improve ourselves? To view it as opportunities to refine our values, our persona?

To train ourselves to develop our positive traits rather than to dwell on the negative traits of others? To count our blessings rather than look at another in despise or envy?

Blessings are bestowed on us for one reason or another. There is no need to know the answer. Suffice to know that we must be at peace with our conscience. To be humbled by the blessings that come our way.

To try and do the right thing and not hurt another. Remembering always that a little positive effort goes a long way. A little understanding brings comfort to another, uplifting humanity along the way.

To know that we have a choice.
A choice of thoughts and actions.
A choice to uplift or to diminish.

A choice to exercise our Humankind. (Human + Kind)

Colours of life?

Craving and jealousy
Are colours of life
Some attest.

Not when it catches you
In its tentacles
Tight as tight can be.

Enslavement it will be
Permanence it maybe
Unhappiness a surety.

What colours of life?
More a darkness
A bottomless hole.

Awareness a need
Diminishing darkness
Eliminating a goal.

Thwarting negativity
Nurturing compassion
Happiness unfolds!

A reaction to an article on Matthieu Ricard.

Ushering the Year of the Rooster 2017

The Chinese New Year festivity has finally gotten into me! A wonderful joyous feeling.

It started with the gifts of tangerines, the pots of chrysanthemums, the sumptuous goodies titillating the taste buds, and the rooster paintings, with its colourful plumage!

Not one but three roosters in three different styles to usher in a glorious year, and to aptly conclude the #20sketches20days challenge for January 2017.

Yeah, I have exceeded the quota but bountiful is good! It is part of my Peranakan culture :p

A bountiful year of good tidings to all.

Ciao for now!

Top left: Done in a quick & spontaneous style ; Top right: A fusion of Chinese ink painting & Western watercolour styles ; Bottom right: A bountiful rooster in a typical Western watercolour style
Lovely chrysanthemums from the nursery
Tangerines for wealth in watercolour
Sumptuous homemade Chinese New Year goodies – mock duck, pineapples tarts, & sweet rice wine pudding

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