My home

Welcome  one, welcome all to my musefaery home, my very first blog!

I am grinning ear-to-ear as I now have a platform to explore and share my mountain of interests –  hotsprings, painting, poetry, and many more. The platform was suggested to me by a loved one who noticed that I seemed to have lots to share, mostly one-to-one.

I have no qualms writing about my travels, especially  my love for hotsprings, as I want to share my love with all. I was thoroughly thrilled when I was introduced to Google Maps and quickly jumped at the opportunity to be a Google Guide. Not knowing what to expect  but knowing that I now have a platform to share my thoughts, my photos on my travel experiences.

When asked, or if I feel strongly about something, I will give my two cents. This  comes in handy in my role as a Google Guide. :p But when it comes to blogging, I am stymied on how to start, and what to write about. I guess I will plough on and go with the flow.

As for hotsprings, I simply love the Japanese onsen, the ritual of bathing, and the zen-like experience of being at one with nature. But this love I only discovered in the 21st century. :p

The love of aeons ago has to be art, specifically painting now, with poetry jostling to be my first love, winning and losing out to art at times.

Ciao for now!  (^.^)

Psst! All contents, including pictures, on my blog are by yours truly. I don’t mind if you want to use any of my stuff, and please please acknowledge and link back here. Thank you 🙂



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